Thinking Of Nova Scotia

At 3 p.m. on April 24, the Vermilion First United Church bells rang 22 times to honour the 22 victims of Nova Scotia’s mass shooting. The bells rang in collaboration with churches across the country and according to Leslie Bruce, the idea came from a social media post in Prince Edward Island encouraging others to follow along in support. Bruce was born in Nova Scotia, and with a brother and friends still there, she has an ongoing connection to the province. After receiving some minor repairs, the bell in Vermilion was ready to join in with those across multiple time zones. Residents who were listening paused and sent warm thoughts and prayers to their fellow countrymen. “With this going

Vermilion & Clandonald Interclub

Left: Vermilion 4H Beef Club member, Paetyn Herzog. Right: Clandonald 4H Multi Club president, senior member Robyn Axley with her market steer, Ferdinand. Photos submitted The Vermilion and Clandonald Interclub 4H Beef Club decided not to hold their annual show and sale due to COVID-19 and the decision directed by 4H Canada to practice social distancing. Both clubs’ members voted to sell via private treaty on the rail. Each member marketed their own steer and offered a sale price of $3.75 per dressed pound for a quarter, half, or whole beef. Even though they were unable to show, the members have spent endless hours with their project: halter breaking, washing and clipping for a photo to s

Dutchak's Greenhouse

Dutchak’s Greenhouses will be open May 9. Come to the farm, three and a half miles north of Vermilion on Highway 41, from 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. every day. Enjoy the fresh air and a walk around the beautiful plants. We are taking steps to ensure customer safety. There will be arrows on the floor for ease of circulation and less congested areas. There will be disinfectant wipes, among other precautions. People can pay by cash, cheque and debit. If people would like to call in orders and arrange pick-up, they can call 780-853-5445. As always, we will have our bale wagon outside - full of tomatoes and cabbages, toughened off for our customers. For this year, it is also precautionary. Plants ar

Handling Stress In Uncertain Times

We are navigating a seriously uncertain time right now. A good first step when handling unprecedented stress is to acknowledge where you are at. Try to sit with how you are coping emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. Notice where this is most difficult for you. Accepting where we are at and being gentle with ourselves helps to relieve the pressure to “have it all figured out”. Repeat after me, “there is no one right way to experience a pandemic.” period. With less expectations of ourselves and others we can breathe a little easier. A simple breathing exercise is to consciously breathe. I know this sounds silly but stay with me here. Breathing is something we do automaticall

Vermilion Public Library Offering Curbside Pickup

Photo supplied The Vermilion Public Library has begun offering curbside pickup, and details of how the model works can be found at The website also outlines the precautions they are taking to make it a safe experience. According to manager, Stuart Pauls, customers can place a request on the online catalogue or call 780-853-4288 or email the library at When the items are ready for pickup, they will contact the customer to setup a pickup appointment, during which items can be picked up from the metal cart outside the front door. Because items are already signed out to customers, there is no staff

Hide And Seek

Two black bears emerged from their den near Jackfish Lake on April 8. #blackbears #spring #venturingout

Sewing 1,600 Scrub Bags

Photos submitted Along with other parts of the province, locals have been sewing approximately 1,600 scrub bags for health care workers as a way to help stop the spread of COVID-19. The bags can be washed along with the staff’s scrubs when they arrive home in order to help stop the potential transfer of the virus to their families. The plastic bags that many were using previously were said to be possible contaminants. After joining a Facebook group called, ‘Scrub Bags for Alberta Heath Care Workers,’ Janice Saville volunteered to look after the Lloydminster area, and Fran Schaumleffel volunteered to look after the Vermilion area. Saville knows quite a few nurses and said that a couple of

An Update From The Mayor

Photo submitted Vermilion Mayor, Caroline McAuley, gave a recent update on the Town’s response to COVID-19. What would you like to say to frontline workers in Vermilion? “Our community is grateful to all those frontline workers who continue to bring goods and services, provide protection, health services and safety, and keep our community running. There are a number of essential businesses that remained open to serve our public and continue to provide necessary services while ensuring they are protecting themselves and their families. Their commitment is undeniable and we thank them for continuing to serve,” said Mayor McAuley. What recommendations would you give to residents to prevent CO

World Amateur Radio Day

The Sask-Alta Radio Club participated in World Amateur Radio Day on April 18. The event was hosted by the Radio Amateurs of Canada, and according to amateur radio is more popular than ever, with over three million licensed operators. Participants take to the airwaves each year during the worldwide event to celebrate the day that the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) was formed in Paris (April 18, 1925). This year’s theme was ‘Celebrating Amateur Radio’s contribution to Society’. IARU President Tim Ellam, VE6SH, thought that the theme was especially relevant given the important role Amateur Radio will play as the current global crisis unfolds. “As I write this the wo

Canada Geese

Canada geese near Vermilion on April 8. Photos Angela Mouly #Canadageese #hopeforspring

An Update From Premier Jason Kenney

The Vermilion Voice was asked to join a conference call with Premier Jason Kenney on April 9, for an update on the pandemic and multiple crises that the province is facing. According to Premier Kenney, at that time there were nearly 1,450 confirmed cases in Alberta. Of those, 44 had been hospitalized (16 in the ICU), and 29 had passed away. “We are early in the curve and expect it to get significantly worse. We expect the viral peak in Alberta to be mid-May, and the peak of hospitalizations to be in late May. I believe we are in as good of place as we reasonably can be in addressing the public health threat, and I think we are well prepared. What really keeps me awake most at night is th

MP Shannon Stubbs Update

On April 6, MP Shannon Stubbs participated in the following Q and A discussing a range of subjects to inform constituents about recent events. 1. What would you like to say to frontline workers throughout Lakeland? “While it sounds simple, I would just say Thank You. I know that there are many hands working together to keep essential services available to residents. They put their own health and well being at risk, in order to help others and their efforts are extraordinary. In some cases, they are leaving their families, or isolating from their family members to protect their loved ones while also continuing to do their jobs and serve others,” said MP Stubbs. 2. What recommendations woul

Taxes And Utilities

April 8, - Due to the on-going Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic, Council has recognized the potential severe hardship on many homeowners and businesses in our community, and as such at the April 07, 2020 council meeting passed the following motions to try to ease the burden. • That Council for the Town of Vermilion waive all penalties on late payment of utility accounts from April 01, 2020 to June 30, 2020. • That Council for the Town of Vermilion defer 50 per cent of the municipal portion of the tax billing and waive all penalties until December 31, 2020. The full balance will be due and payable as well as any subsequent balance will be subject to penalties as of January 01, 2021 at a rate o

Vermilion Parks Closed

Left: The Vermilion Provincial Park closed along with other provincial regulations in recent days. Right: Orange tape barricades play equipment at a Vermilion park as the municipality banned the use of parks in recent days. Photos Angela Mouly

Alberta Chief Medical Officer’s COVID-19 Update

On April 2, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta’s chief medical officer of health, provided the following statements during her update on COVID-19 and the ongoing work to protect public health: “Today, I am reporting that we confirmed 96 new cases of COVID-19 in Alberta. This brings the total number of cases to 968. Of these, 174 people have now recovered. That is 32 more than yesterday. We suspect 108 of our total cases may be community transmission, an increase of 14 from yesterday. I am also pleased to note that we conducted more than 4000 tests in the last 24 hours, as our lab continues to work at maximum capacity. Of these tests, approximately 98% came back negative, similar to previous days

Senior Paints To Pass The Time

A senior citizen (86-years-old) at Horizon Place in Vermilion painted this piece to help her pass the time while she is self isolating due to COVID-19. She has been painting for approximately 50 years, and began this one on April 3, completing it on April 6. “I painted this for my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren who are each aware of how this virus has affected us all,” said the artist. She went on to say that her children have many of her works of art and that there are some displayed in the community. #painting #havingfunathome #VermilionSenior #art

MLA Garth Rowswell Update

In light of recent events, MLA Garth Rowswell participated in the following Q and A and offered sincere comments to constituents amid a busy schedule. What would you like to say to frontline workers throughout this constituency? “At times such as these I am reminded of the quote, attributed to author James Lane Allen, ‘Adversity doesn’t develop character, it reveals it.’ In our current adversity our Health workers are steadfastly providing high quality treatment and care to Albertans. The current circumstances place added pressure on their skills and this is further exacerbated by the increase in numbers affected. Their high quality of character and their commitment is unquestionable. I

Working Through Challenging Times

Photo submitted Studio Laric offers design, build, and styling services for residential and commercial projects. This includes blueprints for new builds; spatial layout drawings and elevations for renovation projects; and contracting and carpentry services such as framing, installation of flooring and exterior siding, and finishing work. We also assist clients with choosing interior and exterior finishings and fixtures, paint colours, furniture, lighting, artwork, textiles, and window treatments. Our involvement can continue for the duration of a project, or as advice to start a client on their own project. Virtual consultations are available through our studio. We work with local and dist

Digital Live Art Session

Photo submitted Vermilion Community Art Club hosted their first digital live art session on April 3. Participants prepared a portrait sketch and had the opportunity to use any opaque medium of their choosing. Meagan Balaneski led the session and said, “I believe that art is really good for mental health and a sense of connection. It helps you tap into an area of pure creativity, and completely disconnect from the stresses of the moment. It’s also a really low-cost activity to get into.” It is becoming increasingly important for people to keep engaged and find ways to interact in positive creative outlets. Throughout the session she continued to offer tips. “When doing portraits it’s imp

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