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Glittering Nutcracker Performance

A magical Christmas theater production ‘The Nutcracker’ wowed the audience at the Lakeland College Alumni Theater in Vermilion on December 10.

Dance Instructor Sandy Sundborg and her dancers from the Wainwright Dance Academy, along with Vermilion dancers from SHAPE Dance Studios, took part in Hoffmann’s magical tale of Klara and her Nutcracker Prince.

Dancers showed exquisite choreography in tune to Tchaikovsky’s immortal music on a set in glittering costumes that depicted the spirit and magic of Christmas.

Photos Marie Conboy

What better way to get into the Christmas spirit this year than taking your family to watch a magical Christmas theater production!

Dance Instructor Sandy Sundborg has been teaching dance and performing for over 30 years, with seven years in Alberta.

The Wainwright Dance Academy, a parent-run studio, will present the show 'Nutcracker' in Sundborg’s production, and it is her 30th year to put on the show.

“It’s a traditional Christmas story about a girl named Klara who receives a special gift from her Godfather. The story has been around since the late 1800's, and Peter Tchaikovsky was the original composer of the music. Our students in the production are aged 8 years and upwards. This will be the third year we will be at Lakeland College,” said Sundborg.

Sundborg says that the production appeals to people of all ages and it is an engaging show for to watch.

“The children look forward to this performance every year, and it is something special for them, it’s not like doing a recital or competition, they get to play roles, and they have fun with it. Every year when we complete one Nutcracker, they start asking me who is going to play what roles next year.

I watch my dancers all year round, and it’s not just about choosing the best dancer, it’s about choosing the right dancer that has the heart and soul to go with it. The dancers I choose for lead roles have to be able to act on stage and feel the role that they play; they have to show the love of dance and bring that across so that the audience knows they love what they are doing,” added Sundborg.

During her career, Sundborg has adjudicated competitions, taught electives and workshops, given lectures, performed in the opening ceremonies of the 1976 Olympic Games, and represented Canada at the F.I.S.A. Games.

Hoffmann’s magical tale of Klara and her Nutcracker Prince continues to dazzle audiences every year in Sundborg’s glittering productions.

You and your family can enjoy Wainwright Dance Academy’s exquisite choreography, Tchaikovsky’s immortal score and a marvelous set and costumes.

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