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Spring Art Show

Featured Artist, Sandra Miller pictured beside her oil on canvas painting ‘War Bonnet’.

Artists mingled with the crowd to talk about their artworks on display at the 7th Annual Vermilion Spring Art Show in the Regional Center on April 21 - 22. The atmosphere was relaxed and creative as people enjoyed a glass of wine and soaked up the background music performed by the singer/songwriter Catherine Lewans.

“The attendance was not as good as last year unfortunately; maybe it is a reflection of the economy, but I would still call this art show a success; we are an anticipated event in the community. We had 50 artists showing this year so that is a success!

I had very good feedback on my work being the featured artist and we had good feedback on the show in general. I am thrilled with the new people who joined our club and pitched in to make everything happen,” said Sandra Miller, who has been the Chair of the Spring Art Show since its beginning.

First Snow

Artist Les Lahey stands beside his polar bear acrylic on canvas painting titled ‘First Snow’.

Airbrush Artist Sarah Rugg is currently working as a full-time artist and says she is hoping to soon find an apprenticeship at a Tattoo shop so that she can study and work towards a career as a professional tattoo artist. Rugg has been airbrushing for over 8 years, starting on white illustration board, black t-shirts, and now working on Black Suede illustration board. She graduated with distinction in 2016 with a Bachelor of Education. She majored in Visual Arts and minored in English Language Arts.

“I enjoy working on pop-culture characters from movies, television, and comics. I have exhibited in Artists’ Alley at the Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo since 2014, and will be attending numerous Expos this year (2017) such as the Calgary Horror Convention in June, and the C4 Convention in Winnipeg in October,” said Rugg.

Vermilion Artist Les Lahey said he went to art school in the 1980’s and it is something that he has always kept with him and “never gave up on.”

Airbrush Artist Sarah Rugg displays her pop-culture characters drawing on Black Suede illustration boards on April 21.

Photos Marie Conboy

“I was inspired to paint the polar bear painting when I discovered the photograph on the internet and I wanted to make it look more like a blizzard. I work in the oilfield but I work on my art whenever I get a chance. It’s great to be showing here tonight and it would be great to sell some work or get a commission down the line,” said Lahey

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