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Making History with Canada 150 Mosaic Project

A total of 530 young and old participants united to paint a 4 x 4-inch tile for the Canada 150 Mosaic project at VES last week. The mosaic is part of a bigger picture with communities from coast to coast creating thousands of tile paintings to connect as a nation in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday.

Canada 150 Mosaic

The almost complete mosaic put together tile by tile at VES on May 10. The theme of the mosaic represents Lakeland College and its role in the community and heritage.

Photos Marie Conboy

Vermilion is one of 15 towns in Alberta that have participated in this project, which is headed by Lewis Lavoie.

“The artwork was beautiful, and the three girls from the Canada 150 mosaic team out of Edmonton were great to work with. People had fun and enjoyed the painting and said they were grateful afterward for having the opportunity to take part in such a great project for Vermilion.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the Rotary Club, the Lions Club, Lakeland College and the Seniors Centre who joined the Town as sponsors to make this mosaic possible for Vermilion. I would also like to thank the VES staff for giving up their gym for three days,” said Chair of the Mosaic Committee, Keri Pullyplank.

Dr. Stewart - Hunter paints a picture of a cat taking part in the Canada Mosaic Project at VES on May 10.

After contemplation, the mosaic committee has decided to reconsider placing the mosaic at the Stadium because there is not enough room to view it from far back. A meeting next week will determine the possibility of placing the mosaic at the Regional Center instead.

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