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Mobile Blood Donor Clinic

Stuart Kunaman volunteered to donate blood on August 16, in Vermilion.Photo Angela Mouly

In an effort to help save lives, Canadian Blood Services hosted a mobile blood donor clinic at the Lakeland College Gymnasium in Vermilion on August 16.

Stuart Kunaman, a firefighter student from Saskatoon, volunteered to donate one pint of blood at the August 16 clinic. Having donated in the past he felt it was a good cause.

“People need blood, and it’s an opportunity to give,” said donor, Stuart Kunaman.

According to Canadian Blood Services, they have upped their stops in Vermilion from three previously, to four in 2017. Previous to August 16, they had received 52 new donors in Vermilion throughout 2017. Their target was to collect 120 units of blood, and they were happy to report receiving 142 units on August 16.

“We can’t say enough about how thankful we are to the blood donors in Vermilion. We really appreciate your support.

I think donating blood is vitally important because every minute of every day, a patient in Canada will need blood. It’s amazing to think about - every 60 seconds. We need to provide it; there is no replacement for it to ensure our hospitals needs are met,” said Territory Manager, Liz James.

The next blood donor clinic in Vermilion will be held on December 13. Canadian Blood Services recommends booking ahead of time. To register or for more information, you can visit

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