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“How The Other Half Dies”

Flamboyant costumes filled the Kitscoty Hall stage for the debut performance of “How The Other half Dies” on April 6. Approximately 200 people attended the murder mystery parody set during an 80’s dinner party put on in hopes for one of the cast to gain membership in the Hoity Toity Lady’s Club.

The audience enjoyed a lavish meal and periodic interactions with the cast, before finding out that nearly everyone in the play was a suspect.

“I love being a part of the play because I love having the opportunity to see people that I wouldn’t normally if we didn’t do dinner theatre together,” said actress Erin O’Neill.

Veteran actress, Betty Evans, said that acting is very therapeutic and that it helped to bring her out of her shell. Producers Brian and Jeane Hunter said, “Thanks to the community and surrounding area for your continued support over the last 15 years.”

Proceeds from the event will be going to support the Kitscoty Hall, and president of the Hall board, Rick Evans said, “Kitscoty is becoming an active theatre community between this event and the elementary and high school groups. We would like to thank the many volunteers needed to make this work, and the community and area for their support. I like being a part of a small community because with all kinds of community events, when you see people step up and support, it becomes really noticeable.”

Several raffle prizes were also up for grabs with some being chosen each night, and some drawn after the final performance.

Overall, the crowd enjoyed the many 80’s flashbacks and radical show. The nostalgic play also had a performance on April 7, and will continue on April 13 – 14.

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