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Farriers At Vermilion Fair

Adam and Jason Waldner, from Ferintosh, Alberta shod approximately 1,200 hooves during the Vermilion Fair from July 26 – 28. “We use aluminum horse shoes which are light and really durable, and there’s not much vibration going through the foot. Each shoe gets eight nails per foot, and we clean and map the foot to make sure it is healthy. It’s important that they are flat, level, and balanced so that the horses don’t clip themselves. With a race horse, if you don’t have a perfect foot, you don’t have a horse,” said Adam. Adam and Jason Waldner run a mobile farrier service often working 6-7 days per week. With the racing circuit they often shoe 350 head on a six week schedule. In the winter months, they slow down to working 2 – 3 weeks per month.

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