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Short Film Underway In Vermilion

Local Director, Chris Valleau, is in the midst of filming ‘Bright Star Electric,’ a short film that will be premiering in Vermilion within a few months. The story features two electricians and highlights their working relationship with a journeyman teaching a new apprentice the ropes. “I love directing because it is something that I am passionate about. As an artistic person, I thrive on being involved in everything. I used to dabble in music and drawing, but this is dearest to my heart,” said Valleau. Valleau began writing the script in November, and it has since undergone nine or ten drafts. “This has been the longest I’ve spent on the writing stage because I have never directed a comedy before,” said Valleau. Crew members who have worked with him in the past felt that his projects surpassed their expectations. “I think short films are especially important for this area in rural Alberta. We have a lot of people involved in agriculture, Ukrainian dance, sports, and various activities so why not have Filmmaking as another activity. Short films are something that not only gives people an opportunity they may not have, but I also feel that this is something that hasn’t been highlighted in past years. Essentially, I want to offer people an opportunity,” said Valleau. Valleau hopes to find more people in the area who are looking to have their interesting stories showcased. “Depending on the budget and scale of the project would help determine whether I could help them make that dream possible,” said Valleau. You can keep your eyes peeled in the coming months for ‘Bright Star Electric,’ as his current film will also be having a fundraiser on the day of the premiere. For more information, you can email

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