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Blake Prior Seeks UCP Nomination

Blake Prior Seeks UCP Nomination Angela Mouly Reporter Irma’s Blake Prior is seeking a nomination for the United Conservative Party’s (UCP) Vermilion-Lloydminster-Wainwright electoral division. Prior is a fourth generation farmer and has lived in the area all his life; doing business in Irma, Vermilion, Wainwright, and some in Lloydminster. “Part of the reason I think I would be a strong nomination candidate is that I’ve spent my whole life involved in agriculture as well as 22 years working in the oil patch. In our area those are two of the major industries, and I feel I could represent both of those industries well,” said Prior. His past political involvement includes federally being a member of Leon Benoit’s constituency board, being a nominated candidate for Battle River-Wainwright’s 2015 election, and the president of the Progressive Conservative Party for the Battle River-Wainwright Constituency. “Between federal and provincial governments, I’ve been involved for approximately 10 years. I’ve always had the idea that if you want to see change or progress, that you should be willing to put your name out there to participate in the appropriate channels in order to make it happen. On the personal side of things, I like interacting with people. I am approachable and willing to listen,” said Prior. Prior has also been active in local communities by serving as a 4-H leader, and as a hockey coach. “I believe in conservatism. It promotes the development of businesses and the opportunity for people to succeed on their own. What appeals to me about the UCP is that they will provide the tools for businesses to succeed, and for entrepreneurs to work hard towards generating new ideas for their choice of lifestyle. One of my biggest concerns is that currently our provincial debt is skyrocketing. Our province has lost a lot of investment. It’s more than just the oil industry; the primary concern is how long it will take to get that investment back. What I’m finding is that people are paying more attention to politics because of what happened in the 2015 election and the result of policies within the past three years. I think everybody should research the candidates to know what each person stands for,” concluded Prior.

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