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UCP Nominee Darrel Howell

Darrel Howell, United Conservative Party Nomination Contestant, held an Open House at the Vermilion Senior’s Centre on September 26. Howell’s platform states, “I believe the government should: provide the framework that will support the robust economy that is necessary to provide jobs and social programs, ensure that government services are provided efficiently, and ensure that the vulnerable are supported and protected.” Having lived in the area 30 years, Howell welcomed everyone and shared his personal and work background. He went on to discuss his political platform and answered questions from the audience. Aside from a long history in the oilfield, Howell has chaired boards at Lakeland College and is currently with the Lloydminster Regional Health Foundation. His involvement has seen communities set aside their differences and work together as a region; a skill he feels will be useful in the new constituency as well. “Whoever is successful is going to have to look after the whole region,” said Howell who plans to continue hosting events around the constituency. Howell feels he’s had a wonderful life living in Alberta (born and raised), but feels it has been because the province has been successful. He is concerned for people and said that if the social programs are going to continue, the government has to be more efficient in delivering services. “If you ran your business like healthcare is run, you wouldn’t be in business very long, and it’s been that way for a long time. As well, people are investing everywhere but in Alberta. We’re in a bit of a crisis here in the province, and I get the sense that people in the constituency really want to be part of the government,” said Howell. He is also concerned for education in Alberta and has been for quite some time. Speaking to the argument that children are losing their resiliency, he said that if our children become uncompetitive that it’s not beneficial in the long run. “You need to experience some failure in order to succeed,” said Howell. Howell went on to discuss other audience concerns including the carbon tax, pipelines, NAFTA, and receiving clarity from government on how they will achieve their goals. Howell encouraged people to vote when the time comes, and for anyone still looking to register as a member to visit For more information, you can visit or call 780-870-1671.

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