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Cornerstone Co-op Pharmacy – Open Soon

The Cornerstone Co-op is thrilled to be opening their new Pharmacy in Vermilion sometime this week.

The Cornerstone Co-op hosted a Chamber Mixer at their Administration Building in Vermilion on November 13, with guests getting a sneak peek of the pharmacy.

Operations Manager, Kory Kralkay said, “The Co-op is getting into a new commodity. Our soft opening will occur this week after inspections from the College of Pharmacists, and we plan to host a Grand Opening on November 29.”

Staff members feel the main difference of the Cornerstone Co-op Pharmacy will be their active living section, where customers will have the opportunity, space and privacy for fittings of stockings, braces, etc. with a consultant. They also plan to be open seven days per week, offering mobility, home comfort, braces and supports, compression stockings, and full pharmacy needs

“This will be a great service for our seniors, and being open seven days per week is huge,” said Mayor Caroline McAuley.

Finalizing their finishing touches, Pharmacy Manager, Kim Clarke said, “I’m looking forward to serving the community.”

According to Kralkay, the building was built at the same time as the new food store in 2015, and after a couple of slower economy years with no one filling their lease spaces they have opted to use two thirds of it for the pharmacy. One third will remain available for lease. People interested in tenancy of the 1,800 square feet remaining can call 780-853-6732 and ask for Kory.

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