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TC Precious Metals

TC Precious Metals from Airdrie hosted a Recycling Roadshow in Vermilion from February 20 - 21, and Wainwright from February 22 - 23. People had the opportunity to have their old or broken gold, silver, coins or bank notes quoted for collectible or melt values as well as the option to trade them in for cash. President, Terry Burrill, shared interesting facts including that only 172,000 tons of gold have been mined in all of history (of that, over half has been extracted since 1960). Canada produces 4 per cent of the world’s annual gold supply, and over 20 per cent of the world supply is purchased by India (mostly in the fall for wedding gifts). The demand for gold each year is 50 per cent for jewellery, 40 per cent for investment, and 10 per cent for technology. Three hundred and twenty tons of gold and 7,500 tons of silver are needed each year for manufacturing electronics, According to Burrill, a single ounce of gold is about the size of a Loonie and can be drawn into a wire 50 miles long or rolled out into a single sheet large enough to cover one side of a tennis court. “I am very proud to be an Alberta Company. This is my second time in Vermilion, and I am also very thankful for the great turnout,” said Burrill.

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