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Vermilion Folk Club – El Niven & The Alibi

El Niven & The Alibi lit up the stage of the Vermilion Folk Club on February 23, at the Vermilion Legion. Singer/guitarist, Elliott Niven, and drummer, Jeff Burwash, played a set of western/alternative/rock that included catchy originals and classic tunes. Originally from Calgary, the duo has toured the United Kingdom, Canada, and the southern United States for over 10 years. Liking the vibe, they now call Edmonton home, and continue to share their love of music with others. Having been in St. Paul the night previous, and having many of their original songs inspired by outlaw country, El Niven & The Alibi included some to their Lakeland tour set. “We’re inspired by all kinds of things. We grew up listening to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Sound Garden, Outkast, Eminem, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. We are inspired by ‘the South,’ but we’re from the West. I love touring small, Alberta towns; each one is different. The people make it seem like even though it’s not where we are from, it feels like it. In Lakeland especially, there are a lot of good places. I wish we could have a pot-luck at every show,” said Elliot Niven who even mentioned coming back. With their new EP out for sale, the duo is looking forward to releasing more music this spring and summer. For more information, you can visit “Elliott’s got an amazing voice; it’s the 3rd time I’ve seen him. The way he plays and sings is effortless. There was a nice range and mix of originals and covers during the set. It was very enjoyable to listen to,” said an anonymous audience member. “The percussionist has amazing control; he doesn’t over play,” added another anonymous audience member. With the audience fully drawn into their electric performance, El Niven & The Alibi received a standing ovation. “Musicians need communities like this. Know that you are making a difference,” said Jeff Burwash.

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