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Beckie Scott Loppett

From left, volunteer Jan Scott, and competitor Vaughn McGrath who travelled from Fort Saskatchewan. Photos Angela Mouly

Approximately 50 cross country skiers competed in the Beckie Scott Loppett at the Vermilion Provincial Park on March 16. Hosted by the Vermilion Nordic Ski Club, this was the first one held in over 3 years due to snow and weather conditions. Participants ranged from approximately age 6 – 60, and distances from 2 – 30 kilometers could be chosen. “Some of the racers were looking for their best time, and some were just out to challenge themselves. The club is 45 years old; it was started in 1974 by Jan and the late Walter Scott. Competitors attended from all over; Elk Point, Wainwright, Cut Knife, and Edmonton,” said volunteer Vaughn Cooper. Volunteer Todd Ree said, “We love the culture within the sport. I’ve never met a group of people so committed to the activity. I just came back from teaching children to ski in a northern Alberta community. After mild hesitation at the beginning, by the end of the class, you couldn’t get them to take their skis off. Cross country skiing is hard work, and thus it is a shared experience. People understand what you are suffering through or enjoying.” They went on to say that people really enjoy skiing the trails in Vermilion. With classic technique if people can make it up the big hills, they feel like they have accomplished something. Race conditions were good with lots of snow and warmer weather. They went on to thank Charles Lychak and Darryl Lysens from Alberta Parks for setting the tracks, as well as the club volunteers. “Beckie Scott is such an incredible role model. We are so proud to be part of the Beckie Scott Nordic ski area and host a loppett in her name. She was an amazing athlete, and is an even better person,” said Ree.

From left, volunteers Laurie Barlow, and Todd Ree at the Beckie Scott Loppett on March 16.

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