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National Technology Summit – Lakeland College

Lakeland College will be hosting satellite locations in Lloydminster and Vermilion for the Singularity U Canada Summit on April 23, from 9 am – 6 p.m. The Allan Markin Room in Lloydminster, and Alumni Hall AH 214 in Vermilion will host live stream events for a global think tank discussing technology in various industries. Lakeland College is thrilled to offer this free event to the community, as well as their staff and students. “The uncertainty of technology can overwhelm people. We wanted to get this rural area involved to have this opportunity along with Calgary and Edmonton. By covering all kinds of topics during the summit, we can start a catalyst here for people to start thinking about technology in an exciting way,” said Lakeland College president and CEO, Alice Wainwright-Stewart. She went on to say that the purpose of Lakeland College live-streaming in is really to improve Canada and the world by inspiring and enabling Canadians to address technology. She feels that it is one of humanity’s biggest challenges right now. “Either you are moving forward, or you are not. This is the latest in what’s happening in technology and is thinking outside of the box for educators, business, agriculture, everyone! Tuning in to this summit will allow people to see things from a different perspective and wrap their minds around innovation for the future. Learning is a lifelong journey, and this is a platform to change mindsets, shape our future, and look at things from a bigger perspective or more globally and how we fit in,” said Wainwright-Stewart. To register for the satellite feed, you can visit

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