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Top Canadian Cyclist From Vermilion

Photos credit: Alex Jackson

Vermilion’s Alison Jackson has just been ranked the top female Canadian cyclist in the world, currently sitting 27th. She has spent the past two years racing on an elite women’s circuit in Europe and the United States with Team Tibco - Silicon Valley Bank, a California based team. “This has been my best season yet! My first podium this year was 3rd place in Yorkshire, United Kingdom and I look forward to racing there again during the World Championships at the end of the year. In my second year on the team they have provided me with a lot of opportunity to win races. They really support my Olympic dream and are sending me to all the races that I need in order to qualify for the Canadian Olympic team!” said Jackson. She enjoyed a recent visit with family and friends and went on to say that she appreciates the community taking interest and sharing her story. She also noted that as a small, prairie town Vermilion has had a lot of big athletes. “When I was a child it seemed bigger, and the journey has been way different than I could have ever imagined. We grew up in a great place, and often have a lot of support from the community. Don’t sell yourself short; you can accomplish a big dream,” said Jackson. She explained that as a cyclist there a lot of other races along the way that are really important to be a part of or win; but with the Olympics that everyone across the country can be a part of it, all rooting for Canada. “It’s really hard to qualify for the Olympics. Now when I’m really close it actually seems attainable. Even five years ago it seemed to be a far off dream, but the goal now is to get on the Olympic team for 2020!” said Jackson. She sympathized that professional cycling is something that not many people are familiar with, but encouraged that all of the women’s tour races can be watched live on Anyone interested can follow her on Instagram or social media, or find out more on Youtube.

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