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J.R. Robson Grad

Photo credit: Dragon Hare Studios

The J.R. Robson School’s graduating class of 2019 were joined by staff, dignitaries, and their families to celebrate their graduation on June 28. This year’s theme was, ‘Last steps together, first step apart.’ Dressed in their finest, students were presented their certificates and Principal Lindsey Bates reminded students of older technologies and conveyed that if a person doesn’t know what their future looks like, that it is okay. “I hope each and every one of you contributes to the world positively and in your own special way. I wish you all the best, “ said Principal Bates. MLA Garth Rowswell congratulated the students on their milestone achievement and said, “It is my priviledge to bring congratulations to you. Your chosen theme smartly embraces both retrospection and the future. This can be a daunting time full of challenges but it can also be full of excitement. When you venture out into the world the things you learned here at J.R. Robson will assist you to reason, assess options, and make decisions that will smooth the path.” Both Councillor for the Town of Vermilion Greg Barr, and Buffalo Trail Public Schools Board Trustee Jim King noted being J.R. Robson Alumni. The 2019 valedictorian was Emily Elder. In a tribute to the teachers, Raelene Lupul said, “We appreciate everything you have done to help us get to this point. You taught us with patience and kindness, and the life skills and lessons are something we will remember. Also, thank you for making sure that our last year was a memorable one!” In his reply, Mr. Woodward said, “It has been a pleasure watching you mature and grow. Remember to prepare properly, challenge yourself, and strive to be the best. We are very proud of you.”

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