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Fossil Rub At The Vermilion Public Library

Sheila Heit Programs Coordinator of the Vermilion Public Library presented a Fossil Rub Activity with two sessions on July 25. Fossils were on display for the children to feel and examine and pass around. 6 fossil casts came from the University of Alberta, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and included fossil ferns, trilobites, and a fossil fish. Heit explained and asked the children questions about their knowledge of the various fossils that are found. She described how fossils have been created, one being an example of when a fish dies and goes to bottom of the water, what is left is bones and it is then gradually covered by sand and mud and become rocks in the sediment, then eventually (millions of years!) as the ground shifts and the earth changes they may be exposed for us to find. Other fossils Heit had to show the children were various pieces of Petrified wood. She went on to explain about Pine tree resin which is where some whole insects have been trapped and now are found in what is called Amber. Coal and oil are other fossils, so that is why we call oil a fossil fuel. All the children had fun participating in this fun, learning and doing program.

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