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Provincial Outlook For FCSS

The Honourable Rajan Sawhney, UCP MLA for Calgary-North East and Alberta Minister of Community and Social Services. Photo submitted

Rajan Sawhney, Alberta Minister of Community and Social Services was pleased to announce on October 29, that the provincial budget will remain at $100 million for Family and Community Support Services (FCSS).

“In Budget 2019, our government is pleased to maintain funding to FCSS as we are committed to helping our community partners meet the changing needs of citizens across the province. This will help local communities and civil society organizations determine what prevention programs in their local areas can best reduce the likelihood of families reaching a crisis. Our government will be looking to programs like FCSS to operate efficiently, with a targeted and results-based focus,” said Minister Sawhney.

She went on to say that FCSS continues to have an 80/20 partnership with communities and Metis settlements with the province funding 80 per cent. She also mentioned that the government values the longstanding relationships they have maintained with these communities and settlements. Vermilion FCSS celebrated their 50th Anniversary in 2019.

In Vermilion, FCSS partners with other organizations to address substance abuse, mental health issues and depression, homelessness, affordable housing, and senior in-home supports. When asked why is it important to continue offering Albertans these services, Kassandra Kitz, Press Secretary for the Ministry of Community and Social Services said, “FCSS plays an important role in creating strong communities. Targeted prevention programs help reduce costs which can eventually impact heath, justice and child intervention systems.”

For more information on FCSS in Vermilion, you can call Carol Coleman at 780-581-2413.

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