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Knights Of Columbus – Shopping Spree

Vermilion’s Jeff Harms was the lucky 2019 winner and completed the Knights of Columbus Shopping Spree at McDonald’s Family foods on December 12. Along with his wife Diane and their children, they decided to donate the full $1,000 amount to the Vermilion Food Bank. Given three minutes on the clock, he was able to race around the aisles collecting items likely to be very much appreciated at the Food Bank. “Well that was exciting!” said Jeff after managing to fill carts with food and beverage items as well as baby items. “This will help families. It’s really important to us because both having experienced job loss this year, we know what it is like to not have that security. We both have been re-employed and are not in dire need, but this is a pretty cool way for us to support the community. Out of all the places we have lived, this is the place we feel most at home,” said Diane Harms. The couple regularly shops at McDonald’s Family Foods and have purchased Knights of Columbus tickets for the draw for years. “We really appreciate the community support each and every year. Most of the funds are spent on youth and school groups throughout the year. We would like to thank Glynn and Angie McDonald for working with us to help the community. Jeff and Diane set a good example; the Christmas spirit is infectious,” said Larry Bingham. McDonald’s Family Foods only charged the Knights of Columbus $750, donating the remaining $250. Additional donations were made by Jeff and Diane Harms for $250, Jack Seewalt for $100, Dean Golinowski for $100, Larry Bingham for $100, and Paul Corbiere for $52.11. The grand total was $1,602.11. Overall, everyone was really pleased to have been a part of the special day and assist the local food bank.

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