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Co-op Brand Day

Cornerstone Co-op hosted a Brand Day at the Vermilion Regional Centre on March 11. General Manager, Graham Getz, welcomed everyone, and staff went on to enjoy a Co-op meal and several draws with Co-op Pure label goods. Keynote speaker, Darci Lang, has been engaging audiences for the past 26 years. She drew the attention of the audience in Vermilion by speaking about her book, ‘Focus on the 90%.’ “Co-op is my favourite client of all time. Co-op culture aligns with my 90 per cent philosophy because their brand, ‘You’re at home here,’ is aligned with creating a customer experience that is positive. After dealing with clients my whole life, I’ve learned that you have to start with people who are happy to be at work. If the people aren’t happy and giving great customer service, spreading the brand will be impossible,” said Lang. She went on to say that the greatest way for anyone to focus on the positive, is to talk about what they are grateful for. She described her idea as if everyone were holding a big magnifying glass, and said that each person has a choice in what they focus it on. “In a time when the world is living in fear and no matter how difficult things are, it’s really important to wake up and talk about what is good in your life. If we continue to focus on the 90 per cent throughout the day, it changes our reality. It starts with a belief that the person in the mirror is the one who makes us happy. It’s not your manager, your ex, etc. There is a very profound ripple effect that happens, and if we are positive, we become the light of the world. We are kind, and can affect morale in work places which affects customer service, and it profoundly affects how we go home to our family at the end of the day. That one choice to wake up and say what is good profoundly changed my life,” said Lang. She pointed out that focusing on the 10 per cent of negative things can make people overtired. To find out more about how to focus on the 90 percent, or to purchase a copy of her book, you can visit

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