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TC Precious Metals

President, Terry Burrill, held his last two stops on the TC Precious Metals Recycling Roadshow in Wainwright on March 17 - 18, and in Vermilion on March 19 - 20, until the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. “What we are offering now to keep the service going is promoting virtual appointments, where products can be mailed in, and can be video-assessed via Skype or Facetime. Potential sales can be done through e-transfer or cheque. With venues no longer allowing bookings, we are really pushing for private consultations to ensure everyone’s safety,” said Burrill. He was very thankful to those that came to have their products assessed throughout the past few days, and looks forward to continuing to serve Albertans. Burrill went on to say that he is the only local, Alberta owned and operated gold, silver, and coin buyer based in Airdrie; that there are stationary buyers in the larger centers, but that he is the only one who provides this service to rural communities. People who participated had the opportunity to have their old or broken gold, silver, coins or bank notes quoted for collectible or melt values as well as the option to trade them in for cash. Burrill even provides assessment services for people’s estates or those who have just received an estate and are unsure what to do with them or how to liquidate them. Burrill often visits 80 towns per year, and said that within the past 11 years that he has never been so busy as from October 2019 – March 7, 2020. He went on to say that he imagines that in the next 90 days people will be in need of funds. “I know people are struggling in Alberta, and I still want to offer this service to people,” said Burrill. For people who want more information or to book a consultation, you can call 1-844-394-GOLD(4653) or 1-404-333-9914, or visit the website at

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