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Working Through Challenging Times

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Studio Laric offers design, build, and styling services for residential and commercial projects. This includes blueprints for new builds; spatial layout drawings and elevations for renovation projects; and contracting and carpentry services such as framing, installation of flooring and exterior siding, and finishing work. We also assist clients with choosing interior and exterior finishings and fixtures, paint colours, furniture, lighting, artwork, textiles, and window treatments. Our involvement can continue for the duration of a project, or as advice to start a client on their own project. Virtual consultations are available through our studio. We work with local and distance clients via email and conference calls, and often use video and photos to review and discuss options and elements such as design style. We are interested in providing solutions for thoughtful living. We believe that space significantly impacts its inhabitants’ well-being. When we can collaborate with clients to deliver insight into making space work hard for them and their budgets, because all elements have been considered - including function along with aesthetic - we find our work very fulfilling. That said, we also enjoy installing pieces clients have chosen on their own as there is always a form of creativity in the process. Freshening up your home for spring can be as simple as cleaning and opening your windows, rearranging your furniture to space things out a bit from the coziness of winter, and organizing a delivery of fresh blooms, greenery, or a potted plant from your local florist. I enjoy responsibly foraging in nature for some of my decor, and springtime offers blooming branches. In our current climate, perhaps your backyard or a friend’s cattle pasture can offer something interesting as you don’t need many - one or two taller stems with a bit of water in a vase looks great on a table or countertop. With many people currently working from home, we suggest looking at your entire space with fresh eyes. Can you move a piece here or there to create a spot in which to work. Any size of space can be made your own. Think about your personal style and preferences and add touches of these to your space. For example, if you enjoy the effects of natural daylight, set up your desk near a window. Tape an inspirational note to your wall. Surround yourself with items that give you whatever feeling you would like to have when you sit in your space, be it books, a plant, a photo, or nothing at all because you are the type of person who prefers a clean table with only your laptop and a notepad. The key is to make it comfortable and welcoming for yourself. In any design project we generally begin by asking clients a series of questions to determine how they live. As we are currently living in unprecedented times, our homes are potentially being used for more hours than what may be typical, with all types of activities happening simultaneously each day. What we suggest is to have honest communication with each family member about needs, wants, and expectations for work, playtime, and relaxation during this situation. Is there room in the living space as a whole to create designated zones for each type of activity? Is it possible to complete and clean up each activity before you move to the next? Can you set a time to tidy which signals that it’s time to relax? Is everyone’s schedule the same or can one parent take time to read a book or go for a walk while the other parent attends to children or chores? Each family will have their own set of routines and be able to sort what works best for each member of that family. And of course spring and hopefully some warmer weather will help to remove pressure from our indoor habitat being our primary living, working, and playing space. There are many small projects which people can do on their own with what they have on hand. It’s almost the season for spring cleaning and that means putting away winter gear and tidying drawers and closets too. Paint some stripes down a hallway with the almost-full can you have in the garage. Look through photos and artwork and replace what is in existing frames or tape new bits to a wall. The internet is a great tool to source ideas on creating new art, crafting, or fun home projects and activities that kids can also be involved in. Even a simple rearrangement of the existing items you have can make a big impact on your space feeling new without you needing to purchase anything. Don’t be concerned about making it perfect, just have some fun changing things up. If you choose to venture out to the hardware store during this time please take the same precautions you would at the grocery store and elsewhere. Make a list and check it twice so you only have to go once if possible. If you aren’t sure about something you may need, do your research or ask someone, and consider making a phone call to see if your local store has items in stock before you head there in person. In this interesting time of life and living, we wish you all the best. Please take care. You can reach us by emailing, or calling Laramy at 403.901.9323 or Eric at 780.581.9020. Additional information and project photography can be found at

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