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Family Farm Round Up

Bill Hamblin one of the many ropers who helped with the processing. Photo Sue Chikie

This family farm was started over 100 years ago and now with their 4th generation in the stirrups, they are operating as Kabe International. They are grain and beef farmers, with red and black angus and speckle park beef breeds. The processing of calves in the spring is a yearly job, one of many on a working farm and ranch. This year, June 14 started with the round up of the cows and calves followed by a day of processing, then another day of rounding up the herds and another day of processing. Kamille Andersen said the processing of calves is to insure a healthy calf crop. With many hands helping out, the family said they would like to thank everyone for all the help, and that we are like a little community.

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