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2nd Annual Gears And Cheers

An aerial shot of the vehicles in the show. Photo Vermilion Fire Department

Under sketchy cloudy skies, which did provide a downpour of rain, the Vermilion Ag Society presented the 2nd Gears and Cheers Car Show on Sunday, June 25. The event brought together car enthusiasts and families for a day filled with stunning automobiles and community spirit.

The gathering featured a display of classic cars, trucks, and modified vehicles, captivating attendees with their unique designs. The passionate owners eagerly engaged with visitors, discussing the modifications and sharing the history behind their beloved projects.

But the Gears and Cheers Car Show wasn’t just about cars. Adults had the chance to enjoy an alcoholic beverage while perusing the vehicles. Meanwhile, the Vermilion 4-H Sheep Club offered delicious hamburgers and hotdogs, raising funds for their club in the process.

Nicole Polishuk, the event’s coordinator and Ag Society committee chair, expressed her excitement for the show’s growth.

“This is our second year hosting the event, and I am thrilled. We welcomed all types of vehicles with gears this year, including bicycles, cars, trucks, motorcycles, and tractors. It would be amazing to make it even bigger and better next year,” Polishuk commented. She also noted that they decided to have the 4-H club prepare the food because of the strong relationship between the Ag Society and the club.

Attendees viewing cars under the threat of a thunderstorm which did come. Photo Lorna Hamilton

Adding a touch of adventure to the event, the Vermilion Fire Department was on hand with their ladder truck providing rides in the bucket which can go up 110 feet.

Affordability was a key aspect of the Gears and Cheers Car Show. Admission was by donation, ensuring that everyone could participate and enjoy the event. Food prices were kept reasonable, allowing visitors to indulge in tasty treats without breaking the bank. The beer garden prices were also set at an accessible level, fostering a friendly and inclusive atmosphere.

Importantly, the event’s proceeds will be split between two worthy causes. The Vermilion Ag Society will use the funds to support ongoing Ag ground renovations, ensuring a well-maintained space for future events. Additionally, the 4-H Sheep Club will receive a portion of the proceeds, enabling them to continue their valuable work within the community.

Some of the cars at the show. Photo Lorna Hamilton

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Jul 02, 2023

I drove past the event but did not stop. Did not realize there was beer and food! This sounded like a great time, I really missed out. Nice job Vermilion Ag Society.

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