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A Look At Vermilion In May 1924

It is that time again, to go back 100 years and see what was happening in Vermilion this month. Once again, there was plenty going on during those early years in the community’s history.

On May 2, Alam Bowtell had returned home for the Easter holiday from school. It was her family that first settled Bowtell, a community that preceded Vermilion.

On May 7, it was announced that Rudolph Isert had 135 acres of wheat coming up and was planning on putting down 500 acres. He said the ground this year was better in terms of moisture than any other time he has seen it in the past.

W. McNab of Cummings had also completed 125 acres of seeding wheat.

On May 15, there was a fire in Vermilion that caused $3,000 in damages. It was at the home of William Steele, and his entire home was destroyed. The cause of the fire was not known, but when it spread to the barn his horses were rescued. The Vermilion Fire Department was called and helped prevent the fire from spreading further.

On May 24, Vermilion played a baseball and basketball game against Kitscoty. The baseball game was a fun event but high winds made it difficult to play. Vermilion fell to Kitscoty that day in basketball by a score of 11 to 10.

It was also announced that grain in the district was growing fast. A late frost did cause some problem and a recent falling of snow also didn’t help. Wheat was all sown and oats and barley were at 50 per cent. Some farmers were completely done seeding for the season.

On May 26, Mannville competed against Vermilion in a baseball game. It was a tight game, going into the seventh inning with the score 3-2. After that point, Vermilion ran away with the game, getting seven runs in the final innings to win the game 10 to 6. That same day, the Vermilion football team failed to show up for a game in Manville. The team was supposed to play but they could not get to the area in time.

On May 30, Reverend Charles Bishop from Vermilion went down to Calgary to be a delegate at the Methodist Conference. He was also expected to give a sermon at the Hillhurst Baptist Church while he was in the area.

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