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ATCO Donates To Vermilion Fire Department

In October, The Vermilion Fire Department received a $5,000 donation from ATCO.

The donation is a result of a grant application made last January, however, due to COVID-19, grant applications were postponed.

The donation will be going towards upgrading the Department’s wildland truck. The wildland truck is used for rapid response in places that are harder to access for tankers such as stubble or bush fires.

The Fire Department often works with ATCO, as they assist in turning off gas or heat to structure fires and the like. Some ATCO employees are also members of the Fire Department. “ATCO has always been a good partner with the Fire Department,” commented Kevin Martin, Vermilion firefighter and President of the Vermilion Fire Society.

Vermilion Fire Department receiving ATCO donation. From Left, Pat Stenne, ATCO, Kevin Martin, Fire Fighter and President of Vermilion Fire Rescue Society, Justin Hicks, ATCO, Anton Krys, Deputy Chief of Vermilion Fire & Rescue. Photo submitted

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