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  • Caylie Gnyra

Buffalo Trails Public Schools And Lakeland College Offer Dual Credit To Students

Lakeland College and Buffalo Trails Public Schools (BTPS) are proud to offer dual credit opportunities to grade 12 students. These courses allow high school students to earn credits toward their high school diplomas as well as college or university credits at the same time, while exposing them to the pace and workload of post-secondary learning.

This year, the college offers three programming options: the first is Psychology 104 taken in the first semester followed by Sociology 100 taken in the second semester. Both are taken online. Together, they serve as foundational electives for both arts and sciences and are transferable to most university programs across Canada.

The second option is Welding (First Period), providing 19 high school credits and the complete Technical Training portion of First Period for the apprenticeship program, which qualifies students to write their First Period Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) exam.

The third option is Automotive Service Technician (First Period), which also provides the credits and training that qualify students to write their First Period AIT exam. Both of the apprenticeship programs are offered in the second semester, with theory done online and hands-on learning done on campus at Lakeland College in Vermilion.

“BTPS has a long-time partnership with Lakeland College that allows us to support unique programming for our students. This partnership includes dual credit opportunities for our students in both university courses and trades programming including welding and automotive technician. Our students benefit from these rich opportunities and it continues to support them in their learning both now and beyond grade 12,” said Board Chair Kara Jackson.

Although the psychology and sociology courses cost up to $900 each and the welding and automotive service technician programs each cost up to $5,000, BTPS students are able to take these courses at no cost to them through the generous support of Lakeland College, Alberta Education, and BTPS.

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