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County Of Vermilion River Purchases New Fire Truck Tanker

From left, Vermilion Fire Chief Bill Roth, Deputy Reeve Stacey Hryciuk, Lieutenant Wayne Roach, Director of Protective Services Orest Popil, and Councillor Lonnie Wolgien. Photo Elaina John

As part of the County of Vermilion River’s Capital Plan, the Vermilion Fire Department purchased a new fire truck tanker, which arrived on September 29.

The Capital plan was put in place 20 years ago, in which the Vermilion Fire Department purchases a new tanker truck every 10 years. This tanker brings the county up to five large tankers. After each purchase, the old fire truck is transferred to Blackfoot Fire Department.

“It still has lots of life on it,” said Director of Protective Services Orest Popil.

Due to the lower population in Blackfoot, the old fire truck transfer is still of use, and will get less wear and tear than it does in the busier areas of the County.

“For rural firefighting, water is the issue,” explains Popil, “it’s all about moving water.”

The approximately $400,000 truck purchased by the County of Vermilion River is crucial for the transportation of water. The truck has a 3,000 gallon capacity and can fill up in seven minutes, which will compensate for the lack of fire hydrants in rural areas since they can be filled from sloughs and ponds.

The truck comes with a front mount turret, which can be controlled remotely from within the truck, which can be used for fires that require less manpower, such as ditch fires. The turret can also be used to knock out windows in structure fires. The truck’s capacity will also be useful and efficient in fighting fires relating to the oilfield.

Approximately 30 firefighters will have the opportunity to train on the new truck.

“We’ve got exceptional volunteers in this county,” commented Deputy Reeve Stacey Hryciuk.

As for the old fire truck, the signs on the truck were changed to Blackfoot Fire Department, and Blackfoot firefighters trained on it the following night.


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