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Cruisin’ Classic Cars

Vermilion does not have an official classic car club, but Thursday evenings at A&W in Vermilion is the place to be if you are a classic car/truck enthusiast.

“Our group meets at the Vermilion A&W on Thursday evenings when the weather is conducive for that and we admire each other’s cars and chat about the hobby. It’s part of Cruisin’ the Dub which has been around for a while. Most of us remember the good old days when you pulled into the local A&W with your favourite buddies or to show off your new girlfriend and sat around in your cars while you got your frosty root beer and a burger delivered to your window. I think this is a throwback to those good times,” said participant Greg Stolz.

Owners from Vermilion (and sometimes surrounding areas) showcase their classic cars which they have proudly purchased and often restored themselves or with the help of professionals.

“We are an informal group of local like-minded individuals that have an interest in classic cars and trucks of all shapes and sizes. Some of us have built our cars from the ground up and others have acquired them in various conditions or during different stages of restoration. Some of the cars required a lot of work and money to bring them back to show and driving condition. Others like my car, are considered unrestored originals meaning they were kept in pristine condition by meticulous owners for their entire life. Others may be considered resto-mods meaning the body resembles a certain make and model but there are so many personal modifications done to them that no two are alike. You never know what you will see when you open up the hood or take a closer look at these models. There are a lot of classics around that never get out of garages either, which is a shame, but the hobby is unique to all,” commented Greg Stoltz.

While out with their classic cars/ trucks owners like to take the opportunity to chat and socialize amongst each other and attendees.

“Topics we frequently discuss include the history of the cars, any unique features, the number of that model built, ability or leads in obtaining parts, and other show events. We enjoy making new friends and the general comradery amongst those that show up,” explained Stoltz.


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