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Dalmatian Family Call Vermilion Home

As I closed up the Farmers’ Market a couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate to meet this family that has called Vermilion home since last August. Yuri Montanholi and Djesihre Rippel were walking their brood near the Elk’s Hall and gladly stopped to introduce me to their fur babies.

Montanholi is a Canadian Kennel Club registered breeder of Dalmatians with over 20 years of experience raising the very active breed. At present their brood consists of 10-year-old dad Seixas, 2 and half-year-old mom Penelope who was born in Croatia, 9 year old Targa, from Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, and three-month-old Inis, born here in Vermilion. Montanholi invites people to contact him if they are interested in or have questions about Dalmatians at

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