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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

A festive house in Vermilion. Photo Lorna Hamilton

With Christmas just a few short days away, the town of Vermilion is beginning to look a lot like Christmas with all the festive lights and lawn displays throughout.

As a child, one of the best parts of the Christmas season was when my parents bundled us up, stuck us in the car and off we went looking at all the beautifully decorated houses for the season. I remember the awe and magic I felt as we passed by each house, and to this day it is still one of my most favourite things to do. It just seems to bring me this feeling of cheerfulness and I am happy I managed to keep this family tradition alive with my children, until they reached their late teenage years when they just weren’t having it anymore, LOL. I do hope they will keep the tradition alive when they have children and they are old enough to enjoy it as much as I did as a child.

If you haven’t had the opportunity yet to take a drive around our beautiful town I encourage you to do so; bundle up those kiddies, grab a hot chocolate, and spend some wonderful family time. Over the past few years, outside Christmas lights and decorations have come a long way and some of the displays have lights that dance in all kinds of movements and flashes, it really can be fun to see and it makes family memories that will last a lifetime.

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