• Lorna Hamilton

Local Farmer Named In Top 50

Charlotte Wasylik. Photos submitted

Canadian Western Agribition and Farm Credit Canada joined together last fall to search for the Top 50 most influential leaders in Canadian agriculture from coast to coast. The campaign included five categories which were: Mentors, Upstarts, Innovators, Deal Makers and Designated Hitters.

Local farmer Charlotte Wasylik was nominated for the Upstarts category by three of her very good friends whom she worked with on many agricultural events during her time at Northlands in Edmonton. Agribition defines the Upstarts as “the bold brash and daring future leaders of agriculture.” “It is for early adopters and those who are trying something completely new. Young people who aren’t afraid to buck tradition, find their voice and go for the moon in Canadian ag.”

“I had no idea my friends had nominated me until I received a call from Agribition in January telling me I was one of the nominees. It was so kind of them and they kept the secret very well - they are such incredible women and I’m so grateful to still have the chance to work with them on special agricultural events.” said Wasylik.