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Mannville Golf Course

From left, Ivan Dainard, Rob Johnson, Dolly Dalton, and Ed Spencer on July 11. Photo Angela Mouly

The Riverview Golf & RV Resort just north of Mannville keeps guests returning and is said to be one of the most challenging 9-hole courses in northeastern Alberta.

After 29 years, they recently celebrated their first hole-in-one, and according to Assistant Manager Mark Howard, the kitchen is phenomenal with a lot of homemade and creative dishes.

“Golf is a sport you can play until you’re 100 years old; actually we have one guest who is 101 and still playing. It gives you the opportunity to talk and listen to the sounds of nature. It’s a nice escape, especially on this course in the valley; it’s different than in the city next to a highway,” said Howard. “You are only playing against yourself, so you don’t have to be particularly good at it. You could hit 55 terrible shots but if you hit one good one, that’s worth it. A lot of people comment on how beautiful the course is and how it almost makes you feel like you are playing in the foothills. It’s a serene area, a challenging course, and it’s in such great shape this year.”

During Ladies' Night every Wednesday, they offer dinner, prizes for three different holes, and a prize for the ‘lucky lady’, and for non-members, it is only $10 to golf. The Ladies Par 3 will be hosted on July 19, and the Ladies Cash Scramble on August 26. Men’s Night takes place each Monday, and the Men’s Cash Scramble will be September 9.

“Everybody’s here to have fun, so we have a lot of fun with them which makes it a great place to work. The campground is second to none and the course is in pristine condition. We’ve had a very busy schedule with a lot of company events. We’d like to thank the local community and surrounding area for their support as we rely on them to be financially successful,” said Manager Kent Staden.

Local Dolly Dalton said, “Kudos to Kent who is the one behind a lot of the upgrades to the kitchen and the course. The food is amazing, and they take a lot of care in the condition of the course.”

Returning golfer, Ed Spencer from Cold Lake, had tried out the course pre-pandemic and is back this year camping for a week. Rob Johnson is originally from Calgary and had played here for about 15 years, but has opted to camp seasonally for the past three years.

“I knew how great the course was, but since camping seasonally, I’ve learned more about how great all of the people in the community are. The course is gaining back its status, and we just want them to add 9 more holes,” said Johnson.


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