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Midwest Family Connections Programming

Harrison at MFC’s Play and Learn.

Midwest Family Connections (MFC) hosted a “Play and Learn” Event at Vermilion’s Heritage Museum Park on September 16.

MFC is based out of Lloydminster and offers year-round programming within a 100-kilometre radius. Due to COVID-19, the Play and Learn event is the first event MFC has hosted in Vermilion in six months. The Play and Learn event consisted of a story, activities, some developmental information, and a take-home craft.

“Play and learn is basically based on bringing the community together, and empowering parents,” explained MFC staff member Desiree Gatin.

MFC is currently offering additional programming through Zoom, and hope to resume regular programming in the future.

“We’re just figuring out logistics right now,” said Gatin.

As well, MFC offers Parent Education programs in one-on-one and group settings, and referral based in home services. Midwest Family Connections is also organizing “Craftastic Fridays”, where parents are able to pick up take-home crafts at the Regional Centre from 9:30-11a.m. At the end of the month, there will be a Zoom show-and-tell meeting where children will be able to show off the crafts they’ve made. Registration is required. For more information on MFC programming, visit their facebook page or on instagram


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