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NE Regional 4-H Horse Camp

Group photo of the members participating in the NE Regional 4-H Horse Camp. Photos Lorna Hamilton

The NE Regional 4-H Horse Camp was held at the Vermilion Ag Grounds from August 25-27. The camp provides participants the opportunity to learn and develop their horsemanship skills.

“The members had 11 classes to chose from, but English or Western Equitation was a mandatory course for all participants. The most popular choices were cattle work, followed by gymkhana and then roping. After that, it was jumping, groundwork, and drills, so we then dropped the remaining courses,” explained Melissa Wright, a representative for the 3 Cities Multi club.

Each year a different region hosts the event and this year it was hosted with representatives from Vermilion River District: 3 Cities Multi club, Vermilion 4-H Light horse club, and Hidden Creek. While the three-day event focuses on learning, attendees also had the chance to enjoy swimming, horse portrait painting, and an outdoor movie, providing members the chance to meet up with fellow 4-H members and make lifelong friendships.

The camp was successful with 30 members ranging in age from 9-18 from 3 Cities Multi, Vermilion 4-H Light Horse Club, Vegreville 4-H Multi, Chipman 4-H Beef & Multi-Club, Viking Equine Outriders, Wainwright-Lucky 13 4-H Light Horse Club, Wainwright 4-H Multi Club, St. Paul 4-H Multi Club, and Hidden Creek 4-H Multi-Club.

From left, Ayla Holman, Ella Byrne, and Hope Wright practice their roping skills.

Braden Bash from Sherwood Park instructed cattle working and roping for the event and Makayla Wowk from Beauvallon, AB who is very strong in roping and training young horses and President of the College Intercollegiate Rodeo Association taught cattle work and gymkhana. Carole Poche from Viking provided instruction in the reigning session. Leaders from Hidden Creek Kathy Dunsmore, Rebecca Studer and Erica Catlos supported the Western Equitation and groundwork, while Barb Fox from Marwayne supported English Equitation and jumping, and Janice Saville also from Marwayne supported the drill that performed in the closing ceremonies.

All attendees were impressed with the Vermilion Ag Society grounds throughout the event.

“We are so appreciative to the Vermilion Ag Society. They allowed us to use the grounds and the facilities such as the barns for free. This is a top-notch organization and its grounds and facilities are very well maintained. It has been a pleasure to use this facility and we thank them for everything,” said Wright.

“I was very impressed with everyone and how well the camp went over the three days. Thanks to all the people who helped put this event together and how successful it was,” said Rick Allen.


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