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Pope & Young Name World Record Non-Typical American Elk

Shawn O’Shea who resides east of Edmonton was given the honour of having his Non-Typical American Elk examined by Pope & Young and awarded the title of World Record Non-Typical American Elk on March 20.

According to Pope & Young an internationally recognized archery only trophy organization, O’Shea bow-harvested the impressive elk in the Minburn county which scored an incredible 449 4/8” on September 14, 2020. Apparently, O’Shea first located the bull in 2017 while examining trail cameras which had snapshots of the nocturnal bull elk. On September 13, O’Shea heard the bull fighting with another bull and tried to harvest him on that day but due to the sun going down he was unable to take the shot. The next day O’Shea was set up in a ground blind and the bull presented himself to his left at 30 yards away. When the elk moved closer to him, at 18 yards O’Shea drew the bow and made the shot.

According to O’Shea’s nickname is Shamrock for his ability to find the big bucks for his clients when he guided whitetail hunters for his neighbours in central Alberta, but tagging this elk was the product of his family living on productive land, learning how to hunt it and the days and hours he spent around the elk herd that produced this magnificent animal.

O’Shea’s achievement will be officially recognized by Pope & Young during its July convention in Reno, Nevada.

Measurers present at the Special Panel (L to R) Heath Dreger, Bill Deyo, Joyce Lorenz, Mike Halirewich, and P&Y Records Committee member, Pat McKenzie. Photo credit: Pope & Young

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