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Retired Ladies Embark On Beautification Mission

From left, Gloria deJong, Alison Betz, Sharon Stredwick, Arlene Felt, Ramona Molsberry, Donna Moon, Lorraine Mowat, Linda Sherwood, Dot Hartwell, Willa McCormack. Missing Phyllis Elmer. Photos Lorna Hamilton

Vermilion resident Dot Hartwell has taken it upon herself to transform the flower gardens in town, which have been marred by unsightly weeds and dead growth. Recognizing the magnitude of the task, she decided to rally a group of retired ladies to join her in this mission.

A couple of weeks ago, Hartwell single-handedly began the laborious task of weeding, only to realize that the sheer volume of work required would be beyond her capabilities. Undeterred, she reached out to other retired ladies in her social circle and humbly requested their assistance. To her delight, they readily agreed to lend their green thumbs to the cause.

Reflecting on the start of this endeavor, Hartwell remarked, “I started this task last week, and while I managed to tackle a portion of the work myself, it became apparent that the scale of it demanded a collective effort. Thankfully, my fellow retired ladies graciously offered their support.”

From left, Dot Hartwell and Alison Betz weeding and pruning a flower bed on mainstreet.

In recent days, the dedicated group of ladies has been a familiar sight around town, diligently tending to the overgrown weeds that encroach upon the downtown sidewalks. They have also taken the time to meticulously pluck weeds from the flower beds and prune lifeless branches from the trees. To ensure a seamless operation, Al, the responsible caretaker of the town’s flourishing flower baskets, has been on hand to gather and dispose of the accumulated debris, while also removing weeds and other dead debris around town.

Expressing his gratitude, Al exclaimed, “I sincerely appreciate the ladies for stepping forward to enhance the beauty of our town. As a lone caretaker, it’s an immense challenge to cover all areas, so their selfless assistance has been truly remarkable.”

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