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Rotary Continues Garage Sale Legacy

Getting ready for the 2019 Rotary Garage Sale. Photo submitted

One of the Rotary Club of Vermilion’s most popular annual fundraisers will be back this April as the club continues the event while sharing memories of its past chairperson. This year’s sale will take place Thursday to Saturday, April 27-29 at the Vermilion Curling Rink.

While Rotarian’s have always strived to be ‘good stewards’ of the generous donations, this year the club will be holding standards a little higher as we honour the memory of our fellow Rotarian, Brenda Lee who passed away in February. For over ten years, Brenda was the Committee chairperson for the annual event and spent hundreds of hours each year making sure we were able to be those good stewards and serve our community in the best possible way. She recruited volunteers, created lasting partnerships with outside agencies, scheduled pick-ups, drop offs, and clean ups, made sure everyone was welcomed and thanked for participating, and kept track of EVERYTHING.

“Brenda’s absence from the sale will be noticeable to everyone involved, but her passion for the cause will be celebrated and honoured by all of us.” said Rotary Member Dawn Riley.

The Torch has been passed from Brenda to Bernie and me”, said new Committee Chairman Scott Webb. “We will strive to keep the Garage Sale going with the same high standards that Brenda held”.

Rotarian Scott Webb and his wife Bernie have taken the reins of the three-day sale that involves the work of the whole club along with many community volunteers.

The annual Garage Sale provides an opportunity for community members to participate by donating their quality usable items for sale. Profits from the sale will be reinvested in the community, benefiting many facets of Vermilion and the surrounding area. Profits from the sale support youth programs, sport activities, leadership opportunities, support and care for seniors, community infrastructure and cultural organizations.

Once again, the Rotary Club will be donating $5000.00 to a worthy community project, which is still to be determined.

Many partners from Vermilion contribute to the sales’ success. The Town of Vermilion, Vermilion Agricultural Society, Lakeland Mall and the Vermilion Curling Club all contribute tables to receive and display the merchandise donated. Rotarians, their spouses, family members, local youth partners, and Friends of Rotary put in many hours to be ready for shoppers when the doors open, and the Vermilion Fire Department volunteers to help with clean-up.

Rotary will again be partnering with other organizations to disperse leftovers following the sale to ensure the community’s usable donations are shared with other non-profit organizations.

A few reminders about the sale:

Sale items are not individually priced, but we will entertain reasonable offers.

Donations will be accepted for the Rotary Garage Sale on Thursday April 20, Friday April 21 and Saturday, April 22. More details to follow on both Facebook and the Voice.

Should it be necessary, a local pickup service by Rotarians may be available but you must call early to confirm.

For more information reach out to a Rotarian or call Scott Webb at 780-853-7282 or Bernie Webb at 780-853-7121.

Follow “Rotary Club of Vermilion Alberta” on Facebook for the latest news about the sale.

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