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St. Jerome’s Track And Field Day Rescheduled After Rain Delay

Grade 1 student Zaiden Krupa-Drader giving it his all at Kick Ball. Photo Lorna Hamilton

St. Jerome’s School successfully held its Track and Field Day on Monday, June 19, following its postponement due to heavy rainfall Thursday, June 15. Students from grades 1 to 5 eagerly participated in a range of engaging events, including Track, Ball Throw, Kick Ball, Long Jump, and Standing Long Jump.

Despite the initial setback caused by the rain, the school quickly rescheduled the event, ensuring that the young children could still showcase their skills. On Monday, the sun shone brightly, creating favourable conditions for a fun-filled day of friendly competition and sportsmanship.

Excitement filled the air as students gathered on the field, eagerly awaiting their turn to participate. The track events, which included sprints, showcased the students’ determination as they sprinted down the lanes, giving their all to achieve their personal bests. The Ball Throw event tested the participants’ strength and accuracy as they hurled balls into the air.

Kick Ball proved to be a favourite, especially with the younger students. In the Long Jump event, students demonstrated their leaping abilities, as they soared through the air in an attempt to achieve the greatest distance.

The Standing Long Jump event focused on strength and balance, with students jumping from a stationary position, aiming to outperform their peers.

Beyond the spirit of competition, Track and Field Day fostered camaraderie and support among the students. Cheers and applause reverberated throughout the field as classmates cheered on. Teachers and parents also provided encouragement.

The smiles on the faces of the children spoke volumes about the joy and satisfaction they derived from the event.


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