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Town Council

Vermilion Town Council held a regular meeting on June 20, with a delegation from their municipal assessors with Tanmar Consulting; as well as a delegation from Sgt. Buckingham with the Vermilion RCMP.

During public commentary two residents felt their property taxes were disproportionately high considering they didn’t have as many services where they were located. Councillors and assessors noted that depending on when renovations are completed that the increased value to a home may increase the tax higher than the average 4.2 per cent.

For the current fiscal year, he plans to focus on crime reduction, communication, and road safety with police visibility. With property crime still being an issue in the region, he plans to introduce more curfew checks, etc. He will be increasing public communication through various online and media releases to showcase the work the members are doing.

For notifying people of vehicle descriptions, etc. he has previously partnered with the County of Vermilion River’s Voyent Alert System and said, “It’s very customizable. I can post to the entire detachment area or just a portion. The K Division partnered with the RAVE Alert System which reaches the entire province. By completing more vehicle stops at night, we can be visible in rural areas for several miles.”

The Vermilion RCMP Detachment area stretches approximately 60 km west of Vermilion, 30 km east of Vermilion; and includes portions of the County of Vermilion River, Minburn County, and Two Hills County.

Regarding the Airport Engagement and Survey Report, Councillor Pulyk said, “We got a strong message from our residents; they want the airport, but they don’t want us to raise their taxes. We need to be approaching all the surrounding counties and gain their support for this airport, as well as seek provincial grant funding, and what is that application going to look like? I am looking forward to this challenge.”

Councillor Conlon thanked everyone who participated, and Councillor Martin noted that results will be made available online or in paper copies if required.

Council carried a motion to accept the quote from Legacy Contractors for $49,515.90 including GST to resurface the concession area of the Stadium floor with an epoxy overlay. They were thrilled with one proposal that it had come in under budget.

FCSS will be receiving extra funding; $1,102.66 from the town, and $4,411.63 from the province.

For July and August, Councillor Robert Snow will be Deputy Mayor.

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