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Town Council Changes Meeting Times

Vermilion’s Town Council held a regular meeting on April 5, here are some of the highlights.

It was moved by Councillor Paul Conlon, “That Council for the Town of Vermilion accept the proposed change to Regular Council Meetings start time and approve the amendment to change the time to 6:00 p.m.” A recorded vote was called for by Councillor Robert Pulyk, and the motion was carried.

Council also welcomed the new Director of Community Services, Ms. Sarah Paterson.

MLA Garth Rowswell attended the meeting to provide a few updates to the Town. In the 5 Big Initiatives Ideas that were presented to the province, two of Vermilion’s were at the top of the list. A land swap agreement with Emcon/Alberta transportation site to develop retail and the dredging/redevelopment of a dam on the river for recreation/tourism were put forward.

Rowswell also gave an update to the Council on ambulance response in the region, and the issues that are faced specifically when transfers from rural to urban centers happen. A concern regarding ultrasound services was sent to the MLA and the Town, the MLA has issued his response, and the Town will be preparing one on behalf of the Council. Updates were also given on several issues including SL4 Housing support for Vermilion, and an issue raised by Council regarding a referendum around the Provincial Police taking over the RCMP.

Councillor Paul Conlon moved that, “That Council for the Town of Vermilion accept the recommendation of a 4 per cent increase in user fees for the Vermilion Regional Centre for three years, beginning 2022 and ending December 31, 2025.” This motion was carried.

Council meetings can now be attended by the public in person at the Town office. You can also continue to watch Council meetings through the Town’s YouTube channel which you can access through their website. The next regular Council meeting is April 19, at 6 p.m.

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