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UFA Celebrates Farmers

Community members and Farmers enjoying a burger and piece of pie and fellowship. Photo Lorna Hamilton

On June 10, Vermilion UFA took the opportunity to celebrate Farmers in the area with a BBQ hamburger lunch and a piece of pie under some pretty wonky clouds and the threat of further rain.

According to a press release made by UFA Board chairman Kevin Hoppins in 2019, “The roots of Farmer’s Day in Alberta can be traced back as far as 1914 when the Roseview (near Carbon, Alberta) local chapter of UFA hosted an annual gathering called ‘UFA Sunday’. The purpose was to provide local UFA members, regardless of their religious affiliations, an opportunity to join in a religious service, as it was considered that by showing the similarity in aims of the church and the farmers’ organization, good-will and co-operation would be promoted.” The idea apparently spread and was adopted as a province-wide event at UFA’s 1918 conference; the tradition continued for many years and in time included athletic events, sing-a-longs, evening dances and speeches.

By the 1940s there were calls within the organization to expand the celebration to engage all Albertans in celebrating the contributions of farmers to the province.

In 1975, the Alberta School Act was amended to allow school boards an option to declare a Farmers’ Day school holiday on the second Friday of June in any year. This amendment remains part of the School Act to this day.

Over the years the day took on many changes, but in 2010, UFA Co-operative Limited revived the tradition of celebrating Farmer’s Day at their UFA Farm and Ranch Supply Stores and Petroleum Agencies in honour of Alberta’s Agricultural producers, families and members.

On top of the free BBQ, UFA is providing its members the chance to get away on their dime. UFA members can go to coop. and enter to win 1 of 5 prizes. The grand prize is a $10,000 Westjet gift card, 2nd prize is a $4,500 travel Voucher and there are three additional prizes of $1,000 travel vouchers. The contest runs from June 9 - 26.

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