• Reporter Elaina John

Vermilion And Area Garden Club Wraps Up

Albertha Van Wageningen and Vermilion Mayor Caroline McAuley after the unveiling of the plaque dedicated to Albertha. Photo Sue Chikie

The Vermilion and Area Garden Club had a wind-up event and unveiled a plaque made in recognition and honour of dedicated club member Albertha Van Wageningen on August 27.

Albertha was an executive member of the club when it first started in 1984 and continued in that role for 30 years. For the remaining five years, she continued to be involved with the club in a less intensive role.

Kim Mcminis opened up the celebration with a few words. Alice Stafinski, former president of the club, spoke on her gratefulness to Van Wageningen for the helpful advice she had given.

Mayor Caroline McAuley attended the event and thanked the Horticultural Society for all they have done for the town over the years. McAuley stated, “Thank you for the amazing work and the many hours of work you have donated over the years. The town has won so many awards due to their efforts. Our community is a better place for all the volunteer work they have done.”

McAuley announced that the Town of Vermilion will be taking over the task of garden upkeep at the Tourist Information Grounds, due to both the dissolution of the garden club and Communities in Bloom, and hopes a new club will start again in the future. This would include maintaining the many garden spaces throughout town such as the streetlamp flower baskets. She added that the town may plant perennials in empty spaces around town upon feedback of residents.

Albertha Van Wageningen was surprised there were so many people there for the event.

After the unveiling of the plaque, the group went to the Community Oven for Recognition of three members and speakers on how they had progressed through the years and a supper followed.