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Vermilion Community Art Club Vice Presidents Artwork For Sale

Eraine Wegiel, Vice President of the Vermilion Community Art Club with some of her works of art which are available for purchase at the Upper Level Pottery and Art Gallery in the Craigs Cornerstone building on Mainstreet in Vermilion. Photos Lorna Hamilton

One of the many pieces of art produced by Eraine Wegiel available for sale at the Upper Level Pottery and Art Gallery located in Vermilion.

Heather Millan, owner of the Upper Level Pottery and Art Gallery has a designated donated space in her gallery for members of the Vermilion Community Art Club. Each member of the art club is provided the opportunity to display and sell their work for a period of a couple months at a time and on April 8 the club switched out art club member Bev Buchanan’s artwork for that of Vice President of the club Eraine Wegiel’s artwork. Wegiel was given the opportunity in the attempt to fundraise for the Piece of Heaven Vegan Project Society (POHP).

The Piece of Heaven Project is located on 95 acres of land, nestled in a very secluded spot in Burton, BC and is a registered not for profit society which according to their website is a sanctuary for both animals and humans. It states that they offer a place of safety, healing and learning.

“The project provides an experience that nurtures change. Our wish is to create a ripple effect that brings about a transformation in how we treat ourselves, other beings and this planet we call home.

​POHP aims to educate and promote the adoption of a compassionate, considerate lifestyle, the vegan philosophy and its importance for the future of the planet and all its inhabitants,” states the site.

Wegiel is holding this fundraiser in support of Piece of Heaven Project of Burton, BC, at

“It’s a farm animal sanctuary in BC near where a good friend lives. I went to visit her a few years back and I became friends with the volunteers and I go there regularly. Right now, they need a farm tractor, because they do not have one and they have been using wheelbarrows and a gator which is on its last legs to get the hay around etc.,” explained Wegiel.

Wegiel explained that the sanctuary has a couple of Highland cattle and as well as other cattle along with a lot of goats and sheep, chickens, geese and of course dogs. She went on to say that Mark and Sharon Starmer who began the sanctuary really work hard and that she would like to help them out.

“The proceeds minus the cost of materials from each piece sold will be given to them to help them buy a tractor for their sanctuary. I am hoping over the next couple of months to raise enough to help them reach that goal,” said Wegiel.

John Lychak, President of the Vermilion Art Club said that they [the club] are very appreciative to Heather at the Upper Level Pottery and Art Gallery for providing them the donated space to showcase their works, and for providing them the opportunity to promote the Vermilion Art Club.

If you are interested in joining the Vermilion Community Art Club or have questions you can contact John Lychak by email at or the clubs email at

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