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Vermilion Ridge Riders’ 10th Annual Snowmobile Expo: A Vintage Triumph

Some of the Factory Race Team Sleds at the expo. Photos Lorna Hamilton

The Vermilion Regional Centre buzzed with excitement on November 25 for the Vermilion Ridge Riders’ 10th Annual Snowmobile Expo. The event, a testament to the enduring charm of vintage sleds, proved to be a resounding success for the club, drawing a diverse crowd of about 280 and showcasing an impressive array of classic snow machines.

Vermilion Ridge Riders President, Warren Young, a prominent figure in the snowmobiling community, expressed his satisfaction, saying, “The show was great; we had a nice turnout of sleds from Moose Jaw to Calgary, Regina, Edmonton, Edson, and all points in between.”

The expo was not merely a gathering of enthusiasts; it was a trip down memory lane for many attendees as they viewed machines such as a 1979 Chrysler Sno runner, 1971 Sno Pony, a 1969 Ski Bee Stinger Scout, and many more, which could evoke memories of bygone eras.

The expo wasn’t just about admiring old beauties; it also provided an opportunity for attendees to gear up for the upcoming winter season. Dealers such as Baddock’s Power Products, Lethal Motorsports, and Rec-Tech Power Products showcased the latest snowmobile models, allowing enthusiasts to stay abreast of technological advancements in the industry. Gratitude was extended to the dealers for their support.

For those with appetites stirred by the excitement, Mrs. J’s Catering stepped in with a well-stocked concession stand, including choices of ham and eggers, burgers, hot dogs, chili bun, soups, desserts, and beverages. Young thanked them, saying, “Special thanks to Mrs. J’s Catering for providing the concession stand.”

Young expressed gratitude to everyone involved, emphasizing the dedication of club members and volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure the event’s success. “It was another successful Ridge Rider Snowmobile Expo! Special thanks to all the club members and volunteers who gave their time and effort,” he remarked, looking ahead to the promise of next year’s event.

The success of the expo extended beyond the display of sleds and the turnout of enthusiasts. The Vermilion Ridge Riders also demonstrated their commitment to the community by raising $380 and collecting five large boxes of food for the Vermilion Food Bank. Young conveyed the club’s sincere thanks to the generous attendees who contributed to this initiative. Ron Schumacher won the door prize donated by Cornerstone Co-op.

From left, Ron Schumacher who won the door prize donated by Cornerstone Co-op, and Vermilion Ridge Rider President, Warren Young. Photo submitted


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