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Vermilion Spray Park Unable To Open Just Yet

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As the scorching temperatures loom over Vermilion, residents are eagerly anticipating the opening of the Vermilion Provincial Park Spray Park. Unfortunately, the Parks plans to open the spray park by mid-June were dashed due to the province’s lack of rainfall.

On June 8, the Alberta Central East Water Corporation implemented a Level A water restriction until further notice. This restriction entails a reduction in regional water transmission. Under the Level A water restriction, the Town is prohibited from using water for various purposes, including hydrant flushing, sewer line flushing, street cleaning, fleet washing, bulk water station usage, and third-party water sales, except for human consumption. Additionally, all fire training involving municipal water and hydrants, maintenance of the stadium condenser, watering truck usage, and filling of the Lakeland Pool, if it needs to be drained for any reason, are also restricted.

Due to the water restriction falling under the Provincial Park’s purview, the spray park operations are prevented from functioning since the water is not recirculating through the lines. Once the water leaves the lines, it goes into the drains. The park’s sprinkler systems are also affected by these restrictions.

Currently, under the Level A water restriction, residents are still allowed to water their grass, fill swimming pools and hot tubs, and use water for recreational trailers. Washing cars, houses, and driveways is also permitted, although residents are encouraged to minimize water usage.

If you have any questions regarding the water restriction, please contact the Town of Vermilion Transportation and Utilities Department at 780-581-2415.


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