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Virtual Race Of Vermilion

Participants from the 2020 Race of Vermilion. From left, Carolyn Readman, Amy Readman, and Laura McLoed. Photo submitted

The Good Life Institute began the annual Race of Vermilion event in 2015 which grew into 50 teams registering and two different race circuits. Last year the event was nearly cancelled because of the COVID-19 restrictions, but the organization was able to do the event virtually.

With the COVID-19 restrictions still in place this year, Race of Vermilion will be done virtually this year as well. People who are interested in registering are only allowed to sign up family units. The cost has been lowered to $50 per team.

“We are thankful that we have found a way to continue with this event even though the world has totally changed. The Race still gives an opportunity for people to get out in the community in a safe and fun way and break up the monotony of the restrictions. We look forward to when we can return to our original format and begin seeing one another again. In the meantime though, we are appreciate everyone’s support and the dedication of our volunteers. It should be an exciting day for the participants of the Race,” stated coordinator, Josh Anderson.

The event has been created with point based events that each team receives notifications of at 12 p.m. on Saturday, March 20th. They then have until 4 p.m. to submit all the photo evidence of their completed tasks.

If you are interested in registering visit to sign up!

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