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Webb’s Celebrates 90 Years Of Success And Community

From left, Dan, Andrew, Mike, Scott, and Adam Webb during the 90 year celebration. Photo Sue Chickie.

On October 30, Webb’s celebrated a remarkable milestone as they marked their 90th anniversary with an event that brought together a diverse array of attendees, paying homage to a legacy of family values, community support, and business excellence.

The celebration took place at Webb’s Ford, where attendees were treated to a beef-on-a-bun lunch. As an added bonus, they had the opportunity to participate in a draw for three splendid door prizes. These prizes included a personalized cooler won by Dwight McFadyen, a 3600-watt generator won by Jeanne Hussey, and tickets to an Edmonton Oilers hockey game that were generously donated by Southview Trucking and won by Dave Durie.

One of the highlights of the event was seeing many of the attendees extend their best wishes and congratulations to the Webb family for their remarkable journey over the past nine decades.

The event was emceed by Dan Webb, the General Manager of Webb’s Machinery – Wainwright.

In his opening remarks, Dan Webb expressed his gratitude to the Vermilion staff and Ford staff for their exceptional efforts in making the venue appear splendid. He also thanked Laurel Wynnychuk, Kim Hames, and Margaret Davis for organizing and serving a delicious meal that everyone in attendance enjoyed.

Mayor Greg Throndson took the podium, acknowledging the profound impact of Webb’s in the community over the years. He recalled the humble beginnings of the company, founded by George C. Webb Sr. in 1933, and praised their unwavering support for Vermilion.

Throndson spoke about the roots of the business, reminiscing about the advertisement George C. Webb Sr. placed in the Vermilion Standard in 1933, never imagining that it would grow into a pillar of the community that it is today. He then presented a plaque from the Town of Vermilion to President and owner of Webb’s Machinery, Scott Webb and the family, honouring their immense contributions.

Following Mayor Throndson’s presentation, Dan Webb returned to the podium to recognize the many manufacturers who collaborate with Webb’s companies. Representatives from various companies, such as New Holland, Ford, MacDon, Versatile, Vaderstad, Bourgault, Highline, AGI, Renn Mill Centre, and Kuhn, were acknowledged for their partnership and attendance.

John Schmeiser, Chief Operating Officer of the North America Equipment Dealers Association, also joined the stage to present a plaque to Webb’s. In his speech, he praised Webb’s for their enduring success over 90 years, attributing it to key factors like investing in their people, maintaining strong manufacturer relationships, exceptional customer service, innovation, and community support.

Mike Webb, the president of the Ford Dealership and owner, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the staff and customers for their support. He humorously commented that Dan Webb was tasked with thanking everyone, as he would have the luxury of leaving if he made any mistakes. Mike Webb conveyed his pride in the company and its history, expressing hope for a centennial celebration in ten years.

Lastly, Scott Webb took the stage to reflect on the significance of the event. He expressed appreciation for the attendees, the suppliers, and the tireless efforts of the staff in organizing the event. Scott shared a moving history of Webb’s, founded during the Great Depression in 1933 by his grandfather, George C. Webb Sr. Despite the challenging times, the business was established with the hope of providing employment for his sons.

Scott emphasized the enduring legacy of the Webb family’s dedication to integrity and their strong reputation in the community. He credited this commitment to integrity as one of the driving factors behind their enduring success.

He also noted that the Webb family business has continued into the fourth generation, with great-grandsons now contributing to the business’s growth. Scott expressed profound gratitude for their loyal customers and the dedicated employees who have been a cornerstone of their success.

In his closing remarks, Scott Webb looked forward to the company’s 100th anniversary in ten years, expressing his desire to be present and share a few words as Webb’s embarks on its second century of service to the community.

The Webb’s 90th anniversary celebration was a testament to the enduring values, unwavering commitment, and remarkable impact that the Webb family and their business have had on the community and beyond. It serves as an inspiration for future generations and a reminder of the power of integrity, hard work, and community support in achieving long-lasting success.


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