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Western Financial’s Bake Sale Sweetens Support For Men’s Mental Health And Wellness

Western Financial employees with just a fraction of the baked good available for purchase. Photo Lorna Hamilton

In a display of community solidarity, Vermilion’s Western Financial took a proactive stance in supporting men’s mental health and well-being by organizing a bake sale from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on November 17.

Insurance Advisor, Kayleen Spicer expressed the team’s motivation, stating, “We decided to hold a sale to support and bring awareness to men’s mental health and personal well-being. This event is to help emphasize the importance of addressing men’s health issues.”

The delectable spread at the bake sale featured an array of tempting treats, including cookies, cake loaves, tarts, and popcorn balls, and much more providing attendees with a delightful array of options to choose from.

In addition to the mouth-watering treats, the Western Financial team went beyond the bake sale by collecting essential items such as jackets, mitts, socks, underwear, toiletries, and more. These items will be generously donated to the Lloydminster Men’s Shelter, complementing the financial contributions from the bake sale.

Spicer shared, “Even though we had our bake sale today, we will continue collecting items for donation to the Men’s Shelter until the middle of December. This extended effort underscores our commitment to making a meaningful impact on the community.”

The Western Financial team expressed sincere gratitude to everyone who participated in the sale and contributed items for donation. Their collective efforts showcased the community’s dedication to addressing and supporting the often-overlooked issue of men’s mental health.

The Lloydminster Men’s Shelter’s mission is to strive to make sure that adult males ages 18 years and older can have a clean, safe, temporary emergency housing. They provide men with meals, shelter, and help getting back on their feet.

In addition to helping men who are in need of emergency shelter the Lloydminster Men’s Shelter also offers the Gibney House which is a low-income home that allows men who are starting a new position of employment to get back on their feet. Residents who utilize the Gibney House pay greatly reduced rental payments until they are ready to rent a place of their own.


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